Attorney General under microscope in tender probe

Attorney General under microscope in tender probe

The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) is in the process of inspecting documents at the office of the Attorney General in connection with tenders for computer equipment.

Responding to speculation in the media, Attorney General Andrzej Seremet’s spokesperson Mateusz Martyniuk has stressed that the inspection has a “routine” character.
Earlier, CBA spokesperson Jacek Dobrzynski had noted on Twitter that “the inspection relates to the procurement and disposal of assets by the General Prosecutor’s Office in 2012-2015.”
Dobrzynski has added that several years ago, CBA chief Paweł Wojtunik had vouched that the bureau would carry out a thorough analysis of computer tenders conducted by various state institutions.
The inspection at the Attorney General’s office apparently began on 27 May, and the CBA plans to finish the probe by the end of August. (nh)
Source: IAR, Dziennik Polski


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