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Clerk’s Office Issues Election Day Reminders For College Students


The Cook County Clerk’s Office is eager to help students register and vote for the November 8, 2016 Presidential Election. Below you will find key information on different forms of voter registration, voting and more:

How do I register to vote?
Anyone with an Illinois driver’s license or state ID can register through Oct. 23rd at


If you don’t have an Illinois driver’s license or state ID, voter registration forms may be submitted in person or by mail until October 11th. You can print the form from the Clerk’s website. The Clerk’s office will offer additional opportunities to register to vote for residents who miss voter registration deadlines.

If you are already registered to vote in Cook County but attend college elsewhere, you aren’t required to change your registration. Instead, you may keep your Cook County registration and request that a mail ballot be sent to your campus address.

College students from other states or counties attending schools in suburban Cook can register to vote at their campus address if they consider it their primary residence.

Many other states also have online voter registration and mail balloting. If you consider your out-of-state residence your primary home, Google “register to vote in” your home state and you’ll quickly find out whether that is a good option for you. Deadlines vary by state, so do this soon.

We do compare lists of voters with other states. Voting more than once in the same election is against the law.

How do I verify that my voter registration is correct?
Suburban Cook County residents can visit the Clerk’s Voter Information Tool to verify their voter registration as well as:
Find their home polling place
See their sample ballot, when available
See a list of their elected officials and their contact information
Check their mail ballot status

How can I register to vote or cast a ballot if I’m abroad?
Suburban Cook County students studying abroad can register to vote before the October 11th or 23rd deadline using the last address they had before they left suburban Cook County.

Students who currently live overseas or are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces may register to vote and apply for a mail ballot by completing a Federal Postcard Application (FPCA). The Cook County Clerk’s office recommends that voters request their mail ballot by October 31 to ensure their vote is cast in time. The official deadline to request a mail ballot is November 3.

How can I participate on Election Day?
The Cook County Clerk’s office is recruiting college students to serve as Election Judges or Equipment Managers for the November 8, 2016 Presidential Election. It is a unique opportunity to provide a vital service for the community, get a behind-the-scenes look at the election process and get paid all at the same time. Both positions assist voters and ensure the polling place is running smoothly. The Clerk’s office has also raised the pay for Election Day workers – Election Judges now earn $190 and Equipment Managers earn $340.

Anyone who wishes to serve on Election Day is encouraged to apply soon, so they will have time to take part in training classes. Prospective Election Day workers can apply online, at: or by calling (312) 603-0970.

For more information on key election dates, deadlines and more visit

(Cook County Clerk’s Office)
Photo: EPA/Michael Reynolds