Donald Trump met with the Polish American Congress and Polish community in Chicago

fot. Dariusz Lachowski

fot. Dariusz Lachowski

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump met today with leaders of the Polish American community at the office of the Polish National Alliance in Chicago. The meeting was organized by the Polish American Congress. PAC President Frank Spula welcomed Mr. Trump to the Polish National Alliance headquarters. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani accompanied Mr. Trump.

President Spula addressed issues of importance to Polish Americans and  Poland; specifically the critical need for a strong NATO, of which the Republic of Poland has been a member since 1999, as well as Poland’s inclusion into the U.S. Visa Waiver Program. Mr. Trump expressed strong support for both issues, including the support of a missile defense system which’s elements have been located in Poland. Mr. Trump said, “I am all for NATO and in a Trump Administration, we will have a friendly and strong partnership with Poland and Polish Americans.”

Although unfamiliar with the issue of inclusion of Poland into the U.S. Visa Waiver Program, Trump expressed concern that Poland is not a member of the Program. Trump said, “I promise that within weeks of my Administration being sworn into office, I will see to the approval of Poland in the Visa Waiver Program.”

Mr. Trump thanked those in attendance for the hospitality afforded him and Mr. Giuliani.  

Meeting participants included: Frank J Spula – President of the Polish American Congress & Polish National Alliance; Rick E. Pierchalski, PAC First Vice President; Mark Pienkos, PAC VP for Public Relations; Hubert Cioromski, PAC VP for Financial Development; Tim Kuzma, PAC Secretary, President of the Polish Falcons of America;  Micheline Jaminski, PAC Treasurer, President of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America; Romuald Poplawski, President of the PAC Illinois Division; Mary Anselmo, PAC National Director; Jacek Niemczyk, PAC National Director, General Manager of the WPNA Radio Station; Magdalena Pantelis, PAC National Director, General Manager of the Alliance Publishers and Printers; Joseph Drobot, PAC National Director, President of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America; Marian Grabowski, PAC National Director, Treasurer of the Polish National Alliance; Bozena Nowicka McLees, PAC National Director, Chair of the PAC Educational Commission; Charles Komosa, PAC National Director, Secretary of the Polish National Alliance; Margaret Blaszczuk, PAC National Director, Editor of the Polish Daily News;  Alicja Kuklinska, PAC National Director, Editor of Zgoda; Mark Grzymala, PAC IL Division Director; Kornelia Krol, President of the Polish American Medical Association; Maciej Pisarski, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Washington; Piotr Janicki, Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Chicago; Anna Morzy, President of the Polish American Chamber of Commerce; Ewa Koch, President of the Polish Teachers Association in America; Jan Cikowski, President of the Polish Highlanders in America, and Iwona Wegrzyn Bochenski, President of the Warsaw Committee of Chicago Sister Cities.

Following the meeting with leaders of the Polish American community, Mr. Trump spoke to nearly two hundred Polish Americans who gathered in the PNA headquarters. Mr. Trump reinforced his fondness and commitment to Poland and Polish Americans.

The meeting was organized by the Office of President Spula, Mr. William Ciosek of the Donald Trump Campaign with the assistance of Anthony Bajdek, Polish American Congress Vice President for American Affairs.

The Polish American Congress has reached out to the Hilary Clinton Campaign for a similar opportunity to meet with Secretary Clinton. As of today, the campaign has not responded to the invitation.

The Polish American Congress does not endorse candidates, but hopes to inform candidates as to the issues facing Poland and Polish Americans.


Photo: Dariusz Lachowski/Dziennik Związkowy

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  1. PolishKid
    PolishKid 1 października, 2016, 22:18

    Why? Was he looking for workers to cheat again?

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  2. jerzy2010
    jerzy2010 9 marca, 2017, 12:38

    Wiesniaki Gratulacie z wyboru nowego prezidenta wstyd na caly Swiat!!!!

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