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Dominic Pacyga: Ważne jest, skąd przyszedłem

– Czasami jest tak, że to ty wybierasz sobie temat, a czasami temat wybiera ciebie. I całe moje życie ten temat wybiera mnie – mówi profesor Dominic Pacyga, kronikarz historii

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Annual Polish Heritage Month Courthouse Tour

In honor of Polish Heritage Month, the Circuit Court of Cook County will host a tour of the Richard J. Daley Center Courthouse on Thursday, October 25, 2018, beginning at



Urodziłem się jako Zbigniew Jan Guzlowski, krótko po wojnie, w obozie dla uchodźców wojennych w Niemczech. Mój ojciec, Jan Guzlowski, uwielbiał imię Zbigniew. Na imię miał tak słynny polski zapaśnik,

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Back to Polish School in Chicago. Our reader’s letter

It’s back to school season in Chicago. But it’s not just American school starting. Many of us are returning to Polish school. I’ve always seen a huge difference between Polish

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Fresh and Versatile – New Polish Cookbook Takes Culinary World by Storm (Book Review )

Inspired by her Polish heritage, Renatka Behan writes an elegant cookbook that brings traditional Polish cuisine into the modern kitchen. “Love of good food and pride in my Polish heritage

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Poles in Chicago marching in Polish Parade

Chicago celebration of the Polish Constitution of 1791 is being held on Saturday, May 6th, 2017, at 11:30 AM, on a new route, along Columbus Drive. Polish parade is in

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“Modernizations” −  4th Annual Polish Studies Conference at UIC

What: 4th Annual Polish Studies Conference at UIC    Where: The University of Illinois at Chicago, The Chopin Theater in Chicago   When: April 24-25, 2017   Organizers: Professor Michał

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Polish-American 19th Annual Heritage Celebration

The Council of Educators in Polonia and Northeastern Illinois University Invite you to the Polish-American 19th Annual Heritage Celebration Thursday, October 27, 2016 – 6:30 to 9:00 P.M., Recital Hall,

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Polish musicians in Chicago’s first international piano competition

In Chicago’s first major international music competition, The Chicago International Duo Piano Competition, which takes place June 8-11, 19 quarterfinalists from 14 countries are participating, including two duos from Poland

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US honours Polish soldiers

Four Polish soldiers were awarded medals by the United States Army on Tuesday in Kielce, south-central Poland. The honours for „their contribution to and participation in” the mission in Afghanistan

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Polish defence minister forecasts NATO reboot

Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak outlined the need for ‚a new NATO’ during a speech in Washington on Tuesday, looking ahead to the organisation’s 2016 summit in Warsaw. “Our decision to

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Polish culture comes to Mexico

A week of Polish cultural events has been inaugurated in the Mexican city of Oaxaca. An exhibition of posters by Rafal Olbinski, the world acclaimed Polish artist, opened on Saturday.

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Polish authorities still working on Donbas evacuation plan

A delegation from the Polish foreign ministry, currently in eastern Ukraine, is still preparing evacuation plans for people of Polish descent in the separatist-held Donbas region. “We are determined to

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Polish priest abducted in CAR released

Poland’s foreign ministry has confirmed that a Polish priest abducted in October by rebels in the Central African Republic has been freed. Father Mateusz Dziedzic had been a missionary in

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Polish priest abducted in Central African Republic

A Polish priest has been abducted by partisans in the Central African Republic amid an escalation of sectarian violence in the country. Father Mateusz Dziedzic, who is from the Tarnow

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Norway notes Polish baby boom

As Polish politicians fret about a looming demographic crisis, new statistics from Norway show that Polish mothers in the Scandinavian country are outdoing Norwegians in the ratio of children born.


Papier toaletowy na drzewie, czyli początek roku szkolnego

Na drzewach w różnych częściach Ameryki zawisł papier toaletowy. To niechybny znak, że rozpoczął się rok szkolny. Jeden z najbardziej klasycznych amerykańskich kawałów swoje natężenie przeżywa w okolicach…

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Polish apples waiting for Kaliningrad kids

Five trucks containing 40,000 kilos of Polish apples are waiting to be sent into Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave as part of an initiative to help feed children going back to school

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Polish trout boom bucks trend

Poland’s consumption of trout has risen by over 50 percent since 2009 despite a global and national decline in fish consumption. According to data compiled by Poland’s Institute of Agricultural