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Ewa Kopacz faces ‚difficult task’ as new Polish PM

President Komorowski officially appointed Ewa Kopacz, Monday, as Poland’s new prime minister designate, after Donald Tusk’s election to lead the EU’s European Council earlier this month. Bronislaw Komorowski wished the

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President confirms incoming PM Ewa Kopacz

President Bronislaw Komorowski accepted the candidacy of Speaker Ewa Kopacz as Poland’s new prime minister on Friday at Warsaw’s Belvedere Palace. The new cabinet is set to be appointed on

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Secret tape allegations ‚coup attempt’ claims PM

PM Donald Tusk claims secretly recorded tapes allegedly showing collusion between a minister and the chief of the National Bank are an attempt to “bring down the government by illegal

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Ukrainian presidential election crucial – PM

The recent presidential election in Ukraine could prove crucial for the situation in the country, PM Donald Tusk said Wednesday in Gorzow Wielkopolski, west Poland. Tusk said Ukraine was „slowly

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Tusk on situation in Ukraine

We need international pressure on those who would like to break the principle of non-interference and respect for territorial integrity of Ukraine, PM Donald Tusk said Thursday after his telephone

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Polish PM to present long-term action plan

PM Donald Tusk and deputy PMs Elzbieta Bienkowska and Janusz Piechocinski will present a new long-term action plan on Tuesday. On January 10, the PM will present the agenda for