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Scammers impersonate the National Institutes of Health to steal money

Consumers are reporting another government imposter scam to steal money. This time the scammers are pretending to be calling from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to reports, callers

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The FTC doesn’t need your bank info

Here at the FTC, we’re known for getting things done on behalf of regular people. Unfortunately, sometimes scammers try to take advantage of our good reputation. The latest example: Some

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Tips for buying a hearing aid

If you think you’re losing your hearing, consider seeing a doctor or other health professional who specializes in hearing loss. If a hearing aid is right for you, it’s a

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Ransomware worries? Keep up to date.

The ransomware in the news now is known as WannaCry or WannaCrypt. It locks users out of their systems until they pay the crooks who installed it. This ransomware takes

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Don’t let utility scams overpower you

When your electricity goes out, you lose power in more ways than one. Daily necessities are out of reach without lights, warm water, and heat or air conditioning. So if

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“Free” and “risk-free” trials come with hidden charges. Online Marketing Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission has charged a group of online marketers with deceptively luring consumers with “free” and “risk-free” trials for cooking gadgets, golf equipment, and access to related online

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Scammers even impersonate kidnappers

Imposters will pretend to be anyone to get you to send them money. Recently, reports of the virtual child kidnapping imposter scam have resurfaced. The scam begins with a call

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Budgeting for the new year

If you had a dollar for every New Year’s resolution you’ve broken, what would you do with all that money? If spending was your first thought, here’s a resolution that

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FTC Scam Alert: There’s an app for that (but it might be fake)

As more and more consumers are shopping with mobile apps, fraudsters are following the money. There are fake phone apps popping up that impersonate well-known retailers in order to steal


DeVry wypłaci studentom 100 mln dol. odszkodowania

DeVry University w ugodzie zawartej z Federalną Komisją Handlu wypłaci swoim studentom 100 mln dol. odszkodowania za mylące twierdzenia zawarte w reklamach szkoły. Jednak szkoła wyższa z siedzibą w Downers

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IRS warns of a new tax bill scam

We certainly understand if the latest IRS imposter scam makes you queasy: it involves a fake IRS tax notice that claims you owe money as a result of the Affordable

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The FTC fights international scams

If you have a phone, you’ve probably heard from an IRS imposter — someone claiming you owe thousands of dollars and better pay up immediately, or else terrible things will

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Phony computer techs shut down

Scammers know people pay attention to warning signs, like the car’s “check engine” light, or railroad crossing gates and weather alerts. So when a fraudster wants to grab your attention,

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FTC Charges Fake Prize Scheme Operators With Fraud

The Federal Trade Commission has charged the operators of a fake prize scheme with mailing phony prize notifications that tricked people into thinking they had won $1 million or more

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FTC Update: Telemarketer Fees for the Do Not Call Registry to Rise Slightly in FY 2017

The Federal Trade Commission has announced FY 2017 fees for telemarketers accessing phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. The annual fees will increase slightly from FY 2016,

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When your computer life is held for ransom

Imagine if everything on your computer was “kidnapped” — including all of your precious family photos and important personal documents. And the only way you could access any of it

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The top three ways to avoid fraud

In pretty much every article and blog post we put out, you’ll find tips to help you avoid scams. The idea is that, if you can spot a scam, and

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Academics and scientists: Beware of predatory journal publishers

If you’re a scholar or scientist, you know the value of being published in an academic journal. Unfortunately, some dishonest publishers also understand this — and have used it to

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Helping Victims of the Flooding in Louisiana — Make Sure Your Donations Count

It’s heartbreaking to see people lose their lives, homes, and businesses to the ongoing flooding in Louisiana. But it’s despicable when scammers exploit such tragedies to appeal to your sense