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Baltic states to receive heavy military equipment from US

The US will send 250 tanks, armoured vehicles and other military equipment to six former Soviet-bloc countries, including Poland. The announcement was made by US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter in

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Europe ‚must act as one against Ebola threat’

PM Kopacz and France’s President Hollande discussed Europe’s response to Ebola after the first person to contract the lethal disease outside Africa was diagnosed in Spain. “We must use the

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Civic Platform wins EP elections – final results

The ruling Civic Platform (PO) won 32.13 pct of votes in the Sunday EP elections. The right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) received 31.78 percent of the votes, the State Electoral

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Prime minister appeals for strong voter turnout in EP elections

Prime Minister Donald Tusk renewed his appeal to the Poles to take part in the May 25 elections to the European Parliament. He argued that low turnout could damage Poland’s

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Poland’s oldest horse fair under way

Europe’s top horse fair is under way in the town of Skaryszew, central Poland, with 10,000 people expected to attend the auctions. As tradition dictates, the fair always begins on

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Ukraine issues arrest warrant for Yanukovych

Ukraine’s acting interior minister has issued an arrest warrant for deposed president Viktor Yanukovych. Arsen Avakov has stated that Yanukovych is wanted for “mass killings of civilians” after a week