US troops to remain in Poland

US troops to remain in Poland
A significant US military presence will remain in Poland and other Baltic as tensions with Russia remain, a leading military leader said on Sunday.

The countries of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are currently home to several hundred US troops who were deployed when Russia took over Crimea in March.

Lieutenant-General Frederick Ben Hodges, commanding general of US Army Europe, was quoted as saying that the “persistent presence” of the US military is going to continue, despite original plans to remain until the end of the year.

“We have planned rotations out through next year. Units are designated that will continue to do this,” Hodges said.

“There are going to be US army forces here in Lithuania, as well as Estonia and Latvia and Poland for as long as is required to deter Russian aggression and to assure our allies.” (rg/jb)

Source: Reuters


Photo: Marcin Bielecki/EPA

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