Ukrainian President to visit Poland

Ukrainian President to visit Poland

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced that he will visit Warsaw in mid-December.

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski also stated that he will embark on a reciprocal visit to Ukraine in January.
The Presidents made the announcement at the end of a bilateral meeting in Bratislava, where they were attending a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.
Both Presidents also announced that they would go on a joint visit to Moldova later this month, as a way of showing their support for the country’s European integration.
The move comes as the European Parliament gave its formal backing for the EU-Moldova Association Agreement last week.
President Porosenko commented, “We consider the fate of Moldova to be vital as it could be a very positive example of successful reforms.”
Moldova currently has a problem with its breakaway region of Transnistria, whose independence is being supported by the Russian military.
President Poroshenko also thanked Poland for its help during the ongoing crisis on the country’s Eastern border, calling it Ukraine’s most loyal ally in Central Europe.
Meanwhile President Komorowski called upon the Visegrad Group, consisting of Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, to play a more active role in promoting Ukraine’s interests in Europe.
He told journalists after the meeting, “It is important for us that the Visegrad Group starts to deal with issues that affect our entire region, and the fate of Ukraine and her chances of integrating more with the Western world is a very important issue for the entire region.”
Russia infringes on NATO airspace
Meanwhile, the Latvian armed forces reported, Monday, that it had scrambled F-16 fighter jets to intercept a Russian jet over international waters close to the Baltic state’s border.
The interception, which was deployed under NATO’s Baltic Air Policing task force, comes as last week four such incidents were reported, including Dutch F-16s being scrambled from an air base in Malbork, northern Poland.
Currently, it has been reported that three Russian naval ships are situated just 10 nautical miles from Latvian waters, including submarines and corvettes. Earlier, a Russian corvette and destroyer were dsicovered near Lithuanian territorial waters. (sl/jb)
Source: Polskie Radio, PAP


Picture: Petro Poroszenko fot.Sergey Dolzhenko/EPA

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