TV news anchor denies sexual-harassment allegations

TV news anchor denies sexual-harassment allegations

Poland’s most famous television news anchor, Kamil Durczok, denies charges of sexual harassment that weekly Wprost has not made against him.

Durczok spoke of his anguish after splitting up with his wife, while denying he has ever molested a woman after Wprost’s publication of allegations against an unnamed tv news star.

The weekly then named Durczok in a story that allegedly documents his presence at a Warsaw apartment where traces of white powder and pornography, including a film of a woman having sex with a horse, were found. The apartment’s tenant was a 29-year-old woman.

The second article failed to link Durczok to the sexual-harassment charges made in an earlier story.

Durczok is the head of Fakty, the biggest evening news show on the popular TVN channel. He has in the past suffered from cancer and won plaudits for not concealing his hair loss as a result of chemotherapy while on air. (an)


Photo: Kamil Durczok/TVN

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