Tape Affair: Prosecutors open Belka – Sienkiewicz talks probe

Tape Affair: Prosecutors open Belka – Sienkiewicz talks probe

Warsaw state prosecutors have began an investigation into whether “abuse of power” occurred during secretly recorded ‚deal’ between Poland’s central bank governor and interior minister.

Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Przemysław Nowak confirmed to Polish Radio’s news agency (IAR) that an investigation was under way into whether National Bank chief Marek Belka and interior minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz abused their powers when appearing to discuss an informal deal where the central bank would help the government with its debt levels in return for the dismissal of the then finance minister Jacek Rostowski.

The alleged deal took place over dinner at one of Warsaw’s top restaurants and was secretly recorded, with tapes passed on to the Wprost magazine.

Spokesman Nowak said the investigation “was in its early stages” and was at the request of several individuals, including opposition conservative MP and former justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro.

Nowak added that the probe was being held under art. 231 of the criminal code, which prohibits a public official exceeding their powers to the detriment of the public or private interest.

After the disclosure of the secretly recorded talks by Wprost in June, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said, on initial examination, no law had been broken during the meeting between Belka and Sienkiewicz, though he claimed he was shocked by the foul language which peppered the recordings. (pg)


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