Storks signal start of spring

Storks signal start of spring

Storks have arrived in Pentowo in the Podlasie region, eastern Poland, signalling the arrival of spring in Poland.

fot. Darek Delmanowicz/EPA

Storks mean spring is here fot. Darek Delmanowicz/EPA

The birds of Pentowie determine the rhythm of life. They depart at the end of August and return as Poland emerges from one of its long winters.

Pentowo, on the Narew River, won the title of „European Stork Village” in 2001. One of the largest breeding colonies of the birds in the world, the village fills every year with photographers and tourists. Currently visitors from New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, USA, even Cameroon are there to witness the nesting storks.

Up to 50,000 storks fly from Africa to Poland. The birds have also been spotted in villages hugging the Bug River near Lublin in the south east. Residents are breathing a sigh of relief – because storks mean spring!


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