Russian TV station pokes fun at FM Schetyna

Russian TV station pokes fun at FM Schetyna

Polish Foreign Minister Schetyna has commented on a Russian Channel 5 news report which calls him a “Russophobe”.

A caricature of Minister Grzegorz Schetyna was shown on the news broadcast dressed in shorts and standing on the iconic Sigismund’s Column in Warsaw’s Old Town.
“This is not a problem. I’ve seen the cartoon, and I saw the report,” Minister Schetyna told Polish Radio.
“I am only concerned that Russian media does not respect the neutrality of Polish media, because this is what the whole report was about,” Schetyna added.
The 10-minute report – which started by showing pages from Polish newspapers last week reporting that Russian journalists were in the country digging up dirt on the Minister – included references to spy films.
Although neither Minister Schetyna, nor the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson were interviewed for the report, Channel 5 managed to get hold of Mariusz Piskorski, a former spokesperson for the Self Defence party, as well as a former Wrocław University lecturer who has been suspended for his pro-Russian views.
Minister Schetyna has drawn the ire of Russia in recent weeks for his comments on Ukraine and WWII. (rg)
Source: Polish Radio

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