Polish ship saves Mediterranean immigrants

A ship flying the Polish flag has managed to save 93 immigrants from drowning while they were making a treacherous journey between Africa and Italy.

 fot.Lino Arrigo Azzopardi/EPA

fot.Lino Arrigo Azzopardi/EPA

The people saved in the Mediterranean sea included women and children.

The head of the Polish Ocean Lines, Roman Wożniak told the IAR news agency that the crew of the Polish “Żerań” ship was informed about the illegal immigrants on Thursday afternoon, after receiving information from Italian authorities.

The Żerań crew then began the rescue of 71 men, 19 women and three young children. Two of the latter were found to be in very serious medical condition after having spent days on open sea.

The captain of the Polish ship requested support from an Italian Navy ship that was nearby, and Italian authorities also sent a helicopter with a doctor who gave the infants much-needed medical care.

The incident comes just days following the drowning of 400 immigrants in the sea. The European Union has come under fire for the way it has handled the crisis of tens of thousands of immigrants which are landing on the southern shores of the EU. (rg)

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