Polish PM to present long-term action plan

Polish PM to present long-term action plan

PM Donald Tusk and deputy PMs Elzbieta Bienkowska and Janusz Piechocinski will present a new long-term action plan on Tuesday. On January 10, the PM will present the agenda for 2014.

Donald Tusk

PM Donald Tusk
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PM Tusk said he would present the multi-year plan as he had promised in late in 2013.

The plans are divided into three periods: the year 2014, and the 7-year and 10-year perspectives. „This is how we roughly see the nearest European perspective and we will present it at a (…) press conference on Tuesday, together with deputy PMs Bienkowska and Piechocinski and with the finance minister,” Donald Tusk said.

Tusk’s January 10 meeting with the media will be devoted to plans for 2014, according to the PM.

The PM is also planning to organise a series of meetings with the ministers so that ministerial schemes for 2014 and beyond should reach the public „still in January, or in early February, at the latest.”

Among the key points of the plan, the PM Tusk mentioned investing in small enterprises, intellectual property, professional training and start-ups.

The Tuesday meeting will also mark the debut of Civic Platform’s new spokesperson, whose name is still kept secret.


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