Polish PM declines to move into luxury residence

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz has refused to move into the usual government head’s residence and continues to stay at the hotel for members of parliament, daily Rzeczpospolita reports.

Ewa Kopacz fot. Roman Pilipey/EPA

Ewa Kopacz fot. Roman Pilipey/EPA

Contrary to suggestions of her security detail, the prime minister prefers to stay close to her parliamentary base than at the residence in Parkowa by the royal Łazienki park in Warsaw.

Some antiterrorism experts claim her persistence makes life hard for those responsible for her protection.

Some explain her refusal to move into the Parkowa residence by public-relations concerns: the house is large and luxurious.

Only a couple of prime ministers have in the past declined the residence, but both chose to stay at their flats in the capital. (an)

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