Polish lawyer was recruiting prostitutes, Swedish court finds

A noted Polish lawyer has been convicted in Sweden of rape and ‚recruiting women from Poland’ to work as prostitutes in the Scandinavian country. 
fot. Glowimages

fot. Glowimages

Krzysztof O. served as Poland’s Ombudsman for Victims in 2001 (a post that was scrapped that year) and later as the chairman of the Jolanta Brzozowska Association Against Crime.

However, according to the findings of Swedish investigators, he has been running a prostitution network.

A court in Sodertorn near Stockholm gave the defendant a 5-and-a-half-year prison sentence, while also ordering him to pay the equivalent of PLN 700,000 to the Swedish state, in return for his criminal earnings.

Following his sentence, he will be banned from returning to Sweden for ten years. Two accomplices were given more lenient sentences, including the man’s driver, who will serve three months behind bars. (nh)


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