Polish Ambassador injured in Pakistan crash

Polish Ambassador injured in Pakistan crash

Six people were killed in a helicopter crash in Pakistan, with eleven other injured, including a Polish ambassador, media report.

The injuries of Polish Ambassador Andrzej Ananicz are reported not to be life threatening.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban has claimed to have shot down the MI-17 military helicopter, which was one of three aircraft carrying an envoy of foreign dignitaries around the mountains in the north of the country.

Pakistani military spokesman Asim Bajwa has confirmed that the fatalities include two pilots, and four foreigners – the ambassadors of Philippines and Norway, as well as the wives of Malaysian and Indonesian ambassadors.

Bajwa added that the Polish and Dutch ambassadors were among the injured.

Later on Friday, the Polish Foreign Ministry confirmed that Polish Ambassador Andrzej Ananicz was injured in the crash.

Media reports say that one of the three helicopters crashed in a school, with the other two landing safely.

Experts interviewed by the TVP broadcaster said that it is not unusual for the Taliban to claim responsibility for events which they are not in fact responsible for.

Representatives of 37 countries were part of a trip organised by the Pakistani government to show off the touristic prospects of the region. (rg)



Photo: Zafar Abbas/EPA

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