Poles buy nearly 290 thousand new cars in 2013

Poles buy nearly 290 thousand new cars in 2013

Poles bought and registered 289,912 new passenger cars in 2013, 6.31 percent more compared to the 2012 result, Samar institute monitoring the automotive market said citing data of the Central Vehicle Register.

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In December alone, Poles bought and registered 26,435 passenger cars, 9.74 percent more than in November and by as much 25.49 percent more than in December 2012.

However, Samar experts stressed that number of registered cars that have not been re-exported and remained in Poland reached 251.9 thousand vehicles while 37,990 cars were sent abroad.

Skoda was the top selling brand in the past year. Poles bought and registered 36,395 Czech-made cars, 13.09 per cent more than in 2012. Skoda had a 12.55 percent share in the Polish car market, up from 11.80 per cent a year earlier.

Volkswagen-made cars were the second most popular among Poles who bought and registered 26,133 cars of this brand, 13.36 per cent more than in 2012. With an 18.26 percent rise in sales Toyota took the third place with 23,476 cars.

The top three were followed by Ford (19,652 cars, up 16.12 pct), Opel (18,827, down 3.54 pct), Kia (17,144, up 13.26 pct), Hyundai (16,829, up 9.51 pct), Renault (15,182, up 12.27 pct), Peugeot (13,421, up 6.35 pct) and Dacia (10,810, up 12.91 pct).


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