Pole loses wife and child in Germanwings crash

A Polish man has claimed that his wife and young child were on the fateful Germanwings flight which crashed into the French Alps, as investigators find out more information.

fot.Guillaume Horcajuelo/EPA

fot.Guillaume Horcajuelo/EPA

A Polish man currently residing in the UK lost his wife and seven-month-old son in the crash of the Germanwings Flight 9525 which happened on Tuesday.

The spokesperson of the Polish Foreign Ministry, Marcin Wojciechowski, said that the woman was a 37-year-old Spaniard, and the child had several citizenships including Polish.

“My wife Marina Bandrés López-Belio and our son Julian Pracz-Bandrés were on board the plane that crashed in the Alps [on Tuesday]. We have been living in Manchester for seven years. Marina was an editor and colourist, and we were both working in post-production for film and video.

“Marina was visiting her family in Spain for her uncle’s funeral. She bought the tickets at the last moment, and decided to return to Manchester quickly as she wanted to return to her daily routine as soon as possible.

“I’m with my closest family in Manchester, and in close contact with our family in Spain at this very difficult time. We are devastated and would like to request that we be allowed to grieve in peace as a family without intrusion at this difficult time,” the Pole, Paweł Pracz, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, investigators have been making headways in terms of learning more about what happened in those final minutes.

News agencies around the world on Thursday said that according to the one black box which was discovered at the site, the captain of the plane was locked out of the cockpit at the time when the Airbus 320 started its final descent.

Investigators have named co-pilot Andreas Lubitz as having been behind the controls when the Airbus crashed with 144 passengers and six crew on board.
The BBC has reported that Lubitz “intentionally started a descent while the pilot was locked out.”

Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin was quoted as saying that there was “absolute silence in the cockpit” as the pilot fought to re-enter it, despite attempts by air traffic controllers to make contact. (rg)

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