Poland’s reputation just behind US’s

Poland’s international reputation is almost on a par with that of the US and higher than South Korea’s, the Czech Republic’s and China’s. 


That is according to the US-based Reputation Institute’s ‘Reputation Ranking’ of 55 countries.

Using a sample 48,000 internet users and reputation criteria consisting of levels of security, openness to tourists, government effectiveness and, inter alia, the beauty of the landscape, the survey found the top spots went to: Canada (78.1), Norway (77.1), Sweden (76.6), Switzerland (76.4) and Australia (76.3).

The lowest points went to Iraq (22), Iran (29.8), Pakistan (31.5) and Russia (35.1).

Poland was in the middle of the rankings with 56.6, just behind the US (57) and just before the Czech Republic (56.5). (jh)


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