Poland smashes drug-smuggling ring

Poland smashes drug-smuggling ring
Thirteen people have been arrested in Poland in connection with a drug-smuggling gang in which couriers allegedly concealed narcotics in their stomachs.

Police spokesperson Izabela Niedzwiedzka-Pardela has confirmed that the alleged leader of the organisation, 43-year-old Piotr B. (full name withheld under Polish privacy laws) is among those arrested.

Niedzwiedzka-Pardela noted that further arrests are expected, and that the group’s activities linked several countries, and principally concerned heroin and cocaine.

“The findings of the investigation, conducted under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Olsztyn, indicate that the criminal group could have smuggled more than 100 kg of drugs, among others from Morocco, Ecuador and Peru to the Netherlands, and from there to Scandinavia, Japan, Brazil and Poland.”

Progress in the operation had remained confidential until this week, with police confirming that the first two arrests took place in February.

More recently, Piotr B. was arrested while staying in Silesia, having previously been based in Holland.

However, as many as 11 eleven arrests have been made in the Warmia-Masuria province of northern Poland.

Norwegian police cooperated in the investigation.


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