Poland sees sharp rise in suicide rate

Poland sees sharp rise in suicide rate

Poland’s suicide rate has risen significantly over the last three years, with more people taking their own lives than those being killed in traffic accidents. 

BSK via stock.xnchg

BSK via stock.xnchg

Since 2009, the number of deaths described as being caused by suicide increased from 5000 to 6000 per year.

Ten years ago, 15 people in every 100,000 committed suicide. Currently, the ratio is 17 in every 100,000 citizens.

“This is surprising and very disturbing,” sociologist Professor Maria Jarosz told the Rzeczpospolita daily.

„It’s very difficult to say what causes individual suicides,” Professor Jarosz says. „In general, people do not leave suicide notes, and if they do, many families do not reveal them.”

The suicide rate is highest in rural areas and small town, she says.

Poland currently has the widest disparity between the amount of men and women taking their own lives. For every one woman committing suicide, six males kill themselves.


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