Poland on hurricane alert

Poland on hurricane alert

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW) has warned that hurricane-level winds hitting Poland on Thursday could cause loss of life and extensive damage to property. 

fot. Carmen Jaspersen

fot. Carmen Jaspersen

According to the IMGW, the most vulnerable area is along the coast, and in the adjoining Pomerania region of northern Poland.

The worst is expected in the afternoon and at night, with winds estimated to blow at 60 km per hour on the eastern stretch of the coastline tonight, with gusts possibly reaching 135 km per hour.

Winds of over 119 km per hour are typically classified as reaching hurricane levels.

Other parts of Poland are also bracing themselves for intense winds.

In Warsaw gusts may reach 65 km per hour in the afternoon and 90 km per hour at night.

The Wielkopolska, Lodz, Lubusz regions could see gusts reaching 110 kn per hour at night.

The IMGW has also warned that drivers and pedestrians should pay particular care in areas where winds are accompanied by snowfall, with the combination making a lethal cocktail.


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