Poland braces for record temperatures

fot.stux /pixabay.com

fot.stux /pixabay.com

Temperatures are set to hit 37 degrees Celsius on Saturday in Poland – the highest ever recorded, with electricity infrastructure and trains likely to be affected.
Some areas around Poland could see temperatures as high as 37° C (88.6° F) on Saturday, with meteorologists saying this could be the highest ever recorded.
Experts say the high temperatures could affect train travel, as the national PKP rail operator will limit travel on certain sections of the system if the rails heat up to more than 55° C.
Use less
The operator of the electricity infrastructure in Poland, PSE, has warned people to limit their electricity use so as not to strain the system.
“The continuing heatwave negatively affects the operation of power plants and the power grid,” a PSE statement read.
The operator explained that low water levels in rivers and high ambient temperatures and that of the water used in the cooling circuits could give rise to increasing restrictions on the production of electricity.
“The weather forecast for the next few days does not indicate an improvement in the situation,” the company adds. (rg)


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