Official results: Polish referendum invalid due to low turnout

Official results: Polish referendum invalid due to low turnout

The head of Poland’s National Electoral Commission Wojciech Hermeliński has confirmed that the results of Sunday’s three-part referendum are invalid as only 7.8 percent of voters took part, way below the 50 percent threshold. A polling station in Warsaw.

The results were declared on Monday afternoon, with the final outcome in line with partial results revealed in the morning (7.48 frequency). Of the over 30 million eligible voters, 2, 384 961 took part, although 181 slips were invalid. Sunday’s referendum, which was set in motion by former president Bronisław Komorowski at the tail-end of his tenure, took in three questions. Poles were asked whether they approved of introducing single-member constituencies for Sejm (lower house of parliament) elections (78.78 percent voted yes according to PKW’s official results), whether the state should continue to finance political parties (17.37 percent voted yes) and whether a presumption in favour of the taxpayer should be introduced in disputes over tax law (94.51 percent said yes). (nh)

fot. Tomasz Gzell/EPA

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