Official: Presidential elections in May

Official: Presidential elections in May

Parliamentary Speaker Radosław Sikorski on Wednesday announced that 10 May 2015 will be the date for the first round of presidential elections in Poland.
Sikorski said that he took the decision to hold elections on that date “after reflection and heeding to public opinion”.
Speaking on Wednesday, Sikorski – who became speaker of the Sejm lower parliamentary house after stepping down as foreign minister – said that Poland “now has three months of campaigning for the highest state position,” raising hopes that canvassing will take place “in the spirit of mutual respect”.
Candidates wishing to take part in the presidential race have until 26 March to collect 100,000 signatures of support from Poles eligible to vote.
If no one candidate receives more than half of the votes in May’s poll then a second round is billed to be held on 24 May, Sikorski informed.
Once the votes are counted and officially presented by the State Electoral Commission, the results are then passed on to the Supreme Court.
However, the swearing-in date of the president-elect depends on when the Supreme Court declares the vote valid. Once the results are greenlighted, the president has to be sworn in within seven days.
Poland’s president is chosen once every five years and can only hold the position for two terms. Any Polish citizen who is 35 or older may hold Poland’s highest state function. (jb)
Source: IAR/PAP


Parliamentary speaker Radosław Sikorski announces the date of the 2015 presidential elections. Photo: PAP/Bartłomiej Zborowski

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