Obama and Kopacz discuss alleged CIA prisons in Poland

Obama and Kopacz discuss alleged CIA prisons in Poland

US President Barack Obama called Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz prior to the publication of a US Senate report on alleged secret CIA prisons worldwide.
The report may name Poland as a host of an alleged black site for terrorist suspects, although Human Rights Watch (HRW) has forecast that no specific country will be referenced.
The two leaders also discussed their commitment to NATO’s Newport Summit, and President Obama confirmed that US troops will remain stationed in Poland for “as long as is required,” a statement from Ms Kopacz’s office affirmed on Tuesday.
Another topic which was raised was the geopolitical challenge which is Ukraine, and Obama “pointed to the need for further consultation with Poland, which in this respect has taken on a leading role in the European Union.”
President Obama also thanked the Polish Prime Minister for the country’s continued involvement in Afghanistan.
PM Kopacz also expressed her support for the coalition against terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS), and confirmed that “Poland is ready to continue to provide humanitarian aid, and also to allow for other forms of support to the Iraqi authorities.” (rg)

Picture: US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister of Poland Ewa Kopacz. (Photos: White House/KPRM)

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