Minimum wage up in 2015

Minimum wage up in 2015

From 1 January the minimum wage in Poland has been increased to PLN 1,750 (around EUR 400) gross.

The decision to raise the minimum wage was rubberstamped by the Council of Ministers in September last year.
For people in their first year of employment, the minimum salary cannot be lower than 80 percent of the minimum wage, as such amounting to PLN 1,400 gross.
This year marks a PLN 70 rise. In 2013, the minimum wage amounted to PLN 1,600, while in 2011 that figure stood at PLN 1,386 gross.
The minimum wage is negotiated on an annual basis by the Tripartite Committee, which brings together trade union, government and employers’ representatives.
The government has until the 15 June to propose a new minimum wage for the following year, and if the Committee does not reach an agreement the government is charged with making a decision in the matter.
However, since June 2013, the party representing Polish trade unions has stalled discussions.
The law on minimum wage states that the lowest salary depends on government estimates on inflation, GDP growth as well as other inflation indicators. (jb)

Source: PAP


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