Man arrested for threats to Sejm speaker Sikorski

Man arrested for threats to Sejm speaker Sikorski

The district court in Bydgoszcz on Saturday decided to arrest a 37-year-old man for making a bomb threat on at the headquarters of former Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski.

Przemysław P. (name concealed under Polish law) had written several emails to the Bydgoszcz office of Sejm speaker Radosław Sikorski saying that there would be a bomb planted in the vicinity and that Sikorski would die together with several members of his staff.
“In 24h Radziu Sikorski will die, be killed,” the threat read.

“Tomorrow at 12:00 I will PLANT A BOMB in your office. You’ll f*cking explode like fireworks. ACHTUNG. I don’t care about your fate. You work for Radziu – you die. You must die, that’s the price [you pay] for a free POLAND. Forgive me. Sometimes some innocents have to be killed for the rebirth of the nation.”

Last week, the authorities inspected the offices, but deemed that no bombs or explosives were found.
The man allegedly gave himself in to Lublin police on Friday, and admitted to making the threats. (rg)

Source:Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy

fot.Grzegorz Michałowski/PAP


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