Komorowski tells Qatar: ‚Poland is open to investment’

Komorowski tells Qatar: ‚Poland is open to investment’

President Komorowski invited Qataris to invest in Poland at a bilateral business forum in Doha on Tuesday, during the second step of his tour of the oil-rich region.

Bronis³aw Komorowski, Muhammad ibn Zajed an-Nahajan

President Bronisław Komorowski and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

“Poland is a country that is open to investment,” Komorowski affirmed. Speaking about the transformation in Poland since the fall of communism, he noted that the economy grew by 180 percent between 1989 and 2007.“Poland ‚s economy accelerated recently due to domestic demand, and an increase in private investment and exports,” he said, adding that “our economic growth is a based on a healthy foundation.” Referring to Poland’s role as a co-host of the 2012 European Football Cup, and Qatar’s status as the host of the 2022 World Cup, Komorowski said “we are open to sharing our experiences.”

The president was accompanied at the forum by Polish business leaders and professionals from various sectors, including representatives of Warsaw-based architectural firm JSK Architects, who have proposed a floating stadium for the Qatar championships. The Polish president also enthused about a recent gas deal by which Qatari gas will be consumed in Poland as of 2014. Komorowski noted that the contract has helped Poland in its ongoing bid to diversify its energy portfolio. Poland is largely dependent on Russian gas, but it is currently exploring its shale gas potential, as well as a long-planned project to launch a nuclear power station. Following Tuesday’s talks in Qatar, Komorowski flew to the United Arab Emirates, the last stop on his tour, which began in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.


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