Kerry assures of US-Polish solidarity in Warsaw

Kerry assures of US-Polish solidarity in Warsaw

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who accompanies President Barack Obama on his two-day visit to Poland, on Tuesday said he came to Poland to confirm US-Polish solidarity and present a shared vision for even closer cooperation. 

John Kerry (L) and Radoslaw Sikorski fot.Pawel Supernak.PAP/EPA

John Kerry (L) and Radoslaw Sikorski fot.Pawel Supernak.PAP/EPA

After a meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, John Kerry noted that the US vision was not designed against anyone or anything, but aimed to benefit Poland and Poles and a shared future.

An important element of this vision, according to Kerry, is the fulfilment of mutual obligations in such areas as Ukraine’s security, Europe’s energy stability or climate change challenges. No nation can cope with such problems on its own, the US Secretary of State remarked.

Kerry also said he was pleased with a Tuesday-signed framework agreement on a US-Polish innovation programme.

Radoslaw Sikorski and John Kerry agreed that the international community must support Ukraine. „Poland and the United States will cooperate to promote democracy and security in the world,” the Polish foreign minister declared.

„We hope and will be pleased to see the United States increase its military presence in our region to make the sense of security more or less equal across the whole NATO territory,” Sikorski said.

Sikorski added that the talks with his US counterpart also focused on Ukraine.

Later on Tuesday, Kerry is scheduled to attend a ceremony of presenting the Solidarity Award to Mustafa Jemilev, a senior Crimean Tatar leader, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. (PAP)

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