June 4, 1989 a great, well-used victory – Komorowski

June 4, 1989 a great, well-used victory – Komorowski

June 4, 1989 is a great, wise and well-used victory, President Bronislaw Komorowski said in Krakow (south Poland) on Sunday. 

Bronisław Komorowski fot.Jacek Bednarczyk/PAP/EPA

Bronisław Komorowski fot.Jacek Bednarczyk/PAP/EPA

„This year Poland has managed to win world-wide recognition for its role in regaining freedom by Eastern Europe,” the president stressed.

During his visit to Krakow’s district of Nowa Huta the president received a „Thank You for Freedom” medal from the Solidarity Network Association.

„In order to effectively strengthen the conviction and remembrance that freedom started in Poland, first we have to convince ourselves in Poland, build this conviction in our hearts and minds that something great happened (on June 4, 1989) and that we managed to use it for the good of all Poland,” President Komorowski said.

The president stressed that the June 4, 1989 tradition should always be alive. „Appreciation, admiration, the world’s respect and the recognition of Poland’s role in regaining freedom by Eastern Europe is what we managed to win this year,” President Komorowski said.

In Krakow’s industrial district Nowa Huta the president also visited a „Thank You for Freedom – people of June 4, 1989” exhibition and presented state distinctions to former opposition activists.

The Solidarity Network Association also granted „Thank You for Freedom” medals to Solidarity founder Lech Walesa, posthumously to President Lech Kaczynski and U.S President Ronald Reagan, and to other fighters for democracy and Poland’s freedom. (PAP)

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    Komorowski zachwycony 4 czerwca, ponieważ jest jego beneficjentem

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