Gun ownership on the rise in Poland

Gun ownership on the rise in Poland

Despite some of the most draconian laws on gun possession in the European Union, over the past decade the number of firearm permits in Poland has gone up by some 30 percent.

Around 500,000 guns are currently registered in Poland, owned by some 340,000 people, latest figures from the central police headquarters reveal. Currently, the number of hunting firearm permits stands at 150,000, a rise of one third in the past decade.

Around 44 percent of all permits are issued for hunters. The number of hunting weapons, including double- and single-barreled shotguns and rifles, has also increased from 213,000 pieces to 292,000 firearms over the past ten years.

Currently around 5,000 firearm permits are issued annually.

Gun ownership in Poland is regulated by a number of laws, and has some of the strictest gun possession legislation in Europe.
In order to obtain a firearm licence, sharp shooters are subject to background checks, and must have spotless criminal records and pass psychological tests. An exam may also have to be taken, and a valid reason for gun ownership must also be proved. (jb)

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