Government backs flexible residence permits for foreigners

Poland’s coalition government has approved a package of draft legislation designed to be more flexible to foreigners hoping to extend their stay in the country.


According to the draft legislation, the maximum duration for a temporary residence permit will be increased from two to three years.

At the same time, foreigners will no longer be compelled to file for such a permit at least 45 days before their visa or previous permit becomes invalid. Instead they may do so at any time during their stay.

Furthermore, foreigners hoping to work in Poland would be able to apply for permits for work and residence in one procedure, unlike the present situation.

Meanwhile, police and intelligence services cooperating with regional offices handling foreigners’ applications will be compelled to respond faster to requests for information.

Up until now, security services were allowed up to 30 days to inform offices whether a candidate for a residence permit should be disqualified, owing to a criminal record or other criteria. In future, this process would have to be carried out within 15 days.

Proposals were also approved by the cabinet pertaining to foreign students in Poland.

For example, expatriate students taking part in a course that lasts less than a year may be granted a permit for one academic year, plus an additional three months.


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