German tourist drowns in Masurian lake

A German tourist drowned on Wednesday evening while swimming in one of the popular Masurian lakes of north east Poland.

Lake Talty. fot. Wikipedia

Lake Talty. fot. Wikipedia

Police revealed that the 67-year-old man had been staying at a hotel in the vicinity of Lake Talty (pictured), which is the deepest lake in the region.

The man went for a swim on Wednesday evening, but about 150 metres away from the bank, he disappeared beneath the water.

Firemen located the man’s body with the use of sonar.

Since the beginning of May, as many as 13 people have drowned in the Masurian lake region, which counts among Poland’s most frequented tourist destinations.

Police say that about half of the deaths are believed to have been alcohol-related.

No information is available at present on what caused the German tourist to drown.

Source: IAR

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