Frozen child woken from coma

Frozen child woken from coma

A two-year-old boy’s condition is improving after the child was found freezing on Sunday having spent the night outdoors in Raclawice, southern Poland.

The boy was woken from a medically induced coma on Monday at the University Children’s Hospital in Krakow.
”The respirator is helping, and there is no sign of any irregularity,” commented Professor Janusz Skalski, in an interview with Polish Radio.
The professor added that the boy is being treated with drugs to hasten the recovery of the patient’s central nervous system.
”The child’s condition is improving.
”It seems to us that he is on the right track, although we don’t know everything yet.
”We’re keeping fingers crossed that the child comes out of this completely unscathed,” he added.
The boy had been staying with his grandmother on Saturday night. At some point in the evening, the two-year-old apparently left the house on his own in his pajamas, perhaps attempting to return home.
A police officer found the boy unconscious 600 metres from the house on Sunday morning. (nh)
Source: PAP/IAR

fot.Emory University Hospital/Handout/EPA

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