Franc mortgage holders ‚walk’ around Poland

Franc mortgage holders ‚walk’ around Poland

Dozens of families who own mortgages in Swiss francs met in major Polish cities to voice their frustrations.

The protesters gathered before the Presidential Palace in Warsaw Saturday carrying signs which read “We will got give in to banks,” and “Banksters Stop,” and called for the government to intervene with banking corporates to help mortgage holders. According to the group’s Facebook page, the members are calling for the government to establishment a board for the renegotiation of mortgages, and for of all mortgages denominated in Swiss francs to be converted at the rate of when the loan was taken out, among others. A protester holds up a sign which reads „I don’t like Franc” during Saturday’s „walk” in Warsaw.

Other “walks” were held in Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Białystok, and other cities. (rg)

Źródło: Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy

Zdj.: warszawska giełda  fot.Radek Pietruszka/EPA

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