Feminists march on International Women’s Day

Feminists thronged the Polish capital on Sunday for an annual march marking International Women’s Day. This year, the so-called Manifa demonstration is highlighting the plight of Poland’s disabled women, and the barriers they face.

Manifa w Dniu Kobiet fot. Janek Skrarżyński/EPA

Manifa w Dniu Kobiet fot. Janek Skrarżyński/EPA


Likewise, marchers are drawing attention to the problem of sexual harrassment of women in general, and domestic violence, the latter a hot issue in parliament at present.
Participants are marching under the slogan of ”Everyone is at home”, with the route taking in Warsaw sites and foundations which are associated with the feminist movement.

Happenings have also been hosted in other cities, including Łódż, Poznań and Wrocław.

On Saturday, Manifa demonstrators descended on Krakow’s Main Market Square. Among other issues, marchers drew attention to the plight of Polish nurses, who often have to work on temporary contracts, and are poorly paid, according to the protesters.

Although International Women’s Day was first held in 1910, in Poland it remains divisive, as the day was rigorously promoted during the communist era. Female workers were traditionally presented with flowers, or even tights, on Women’s Day.

Many women in today’s Poland reject the celebration, on account of its communist associations.

Nevertheless, others feel put out if not presented with flowers by family-members or a partner on 8 March. (nh)

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