Baltic states to receive heavy military equipment from US

Ashton Carter fot.Luong Thai Linh/EPA

Ashton Carter fot.Luong Thai Linh/EPA

The US will send 250 tanks, armoured vehicles and other military equipment to six former Soviet-bloc countries, including Poland.
The announcement was made by US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter in Estonia on Tuesday.
“We must prepare NATO and our allies for cyber challenges, particularly from Russia,” Carter said, following a meeting with the defence ministers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The instability of the Kremlin means that the eastern flanks of Europe should be prepared for any eventuality.
“One of [Putin’s] stated views is a longing for the past and that’s where we have a different perspective on the world and even on Russia’s future,” Carter told reporters.
“We’d like to see us all moving forward, Europe moving forward, and that does not seem to be his stated perspective.”
A milestone
“The US decision is a milestone in Polish-American alliance, [which has been] formally ongoing since 1999 and Polish accession to NATO. This decision is very important for the security of Poland,” Polish Defence Minister Siemoniak said.
“I am profoundly convinced that the interest of Poland lies as the largest US military presence in Poland and Europe,” Siemoniak said.
Estonian Defence Minister Sven Mikser said that Baltic states aren’t trying to restart the Cold War arms race or match Russian President Vladimir Putin “tank for tank”.
“In global terms Russia is no match conventionally to US or to NATO, but here in our corner of the world, Putin believes that he enjoys regional superiority,” Mikser said. (rg)
Source: PAP, AP


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