Americans worst diplomatic traffic offenders in Poland

Americans worst diplomatic traffic offenders in Poland

Of the 306 traffic offences committed in Warsaw this year by figures with diplomatic immunity, 31 were by US citizens.

Other repeated offenders were Libyans (26) Saudi Arabians (24) and Russians (21).

“Although the situation is improving slightly, not a month goes by without dozens of notifications of offences committed by people with diplomatic immunity,” commented Monika Nizniak of the Municipal Police.

Most of the incidents were related to speeding, and besides on the spot interventions, culprits were also caught out by speed cameras.

Other offences included disregarding red lights or incorrect parking.

Although the cases are discontinued once the offender’s identity has been revealed, the foreign ministry is notified of each incident.

Diplomatic staff from Austria, India, Iran, Japan, Portugal and Serbia committed the fewest offences, with one incident apiece.

As regards Poles with immunity on their home soil, 63 offences have been committed so far by judges, 40 by public prosecutors and 16 by MPs. (nh)

Source: PAP


Photo: American embassy in Warsaw fot.CZmarlin-Christopher Ziemnowicz/Wikipedia

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