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Dziennik Związkowy or Polish Daily News (ISSN 0742-6615) – (Czytaj po polsku)

We are the largest and the oldest Polish language newspaper in the United States. Established in 1908 in Chicago as an organ of the Polish National Alliance from whose headquarters at Polonia Triangle in Chicago’s Polish Downtown the paper was originally printed. Considered the leading voice of Chicago’s Polonia, Dziennik Związkowy has been published without break from its founding in 1908 until the present day, making it the oldest Polish language newspaper in the world published without interruption.

The paper is published and sold throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, and—as a subscription—elsewhere in the United States. Copies are also sent for distribution to Poland, to research libraries, and to Poland’s parliament, the Sejm.

Dziennik Związkowy is published 5 times every week covering diverse topics from local news to sports, culture as well as extensive coverage of Poland and Polish-related topics in the English Language press. A slimmer daily edition is released Monday through Thursday while an extensive „Weekend Edition” is published every Friday with a wide array of special sections and inserts along with an additional magazine titled „Kalejdoskop”. Additionally, a section aimed at Chicago’s large Góral community appears, titled „The Highlander Chronicle” or Kronika podhalańska in Polish is published every Wednesday in the Dziennik Związkowy.

The newspaper belongs to the Polish National Alliance, a Polish-American fraternal organization. For many years its president Edward Moskal controlled the newspaper until his death in March 2005. The current president of the PNA is Frank Spula.

Steve Tokarski is the current publisher and Magdalena Pantelis is the general manager of Polish Daily News. The present editor in chief is Małgorzata Błaszczuk, and deputy editor is Elizabeth Glinka. Other editorial staff members are: Andrew Z. Kazimierczak, Alicia Otap, Krystyna Cygielska, Anna Kowalczyk.

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Polish Daily News – Dziennik Związkowy
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